Thursday, October 05, 2006

2006 Super Street NOPI Tour to NOPI

Interestingly enough, Super Street's tour to NOPI had a pit stop in Lexington, KY overnight on September 13th. I flew back to Lexington for an autograph session as part of the event. As I went to high school in Lexington, I saw plenty of familiar faces, and as always, it was great to be back, even for just a few days.

The event was organized by Injected Performance of Lexington, KY, and the turnout was great!
Mayor Teresa Isaac presented me with the Key to the City! It is a great honor for me as the city will always be dear to me for the time I spent there, although a small part of my journey through life. Thank you mayor!

Interesting facts about Lexington, KY that you did not know:
1) The city has the lowest crime rate in the country. Population is around 250,000.
2) The city has the most restaurants per capita in the country.
3) It was the setting for the infamous "Bluegrass Conspiracy." Don't know what it is? Google it!
4) The horse industry is one of the primary attractions of the city. It is the "Horse Capital of the World."
5) Despite its relatively small size, many companies are headquartered in Lexington: Lexmark, S&S Tire, Tempurpedic, and Ashland Oil (Valvoline), to name a few.
6) Home of the #1 college cheerleading team in the country.
7) Home of the #1 high-school cheerleading team in the country.
8) Maxim Magazine rated the University of Kentucky, located in Lexington, as one of the best in the country for beautiful girls.
9) Home of Henry Clay.
Check it out: