Thursday, March 15, 2007

Season opener with Super GT at Suzuka

Tomorrow is the official practice for the season-opener at Suzuka this weekend. We have tested here for the past two days. All 27 cars got some coloring now. My car looks like this:

View in the gallery

Real photos of the car will come in the next few days.
The yellow and blue represent the Ukrainian flag, the top half is blue (sky) and the bottom half is yellow (wheat fields). The red circle is of course the Japanese flag, as having grown up in Japan from age six through twelve, Japan is as large a part of me as Ukraine.

This series is truly astounding, and I keep reminding myself how fortunate I am to have been selected as one of the 27 drivers. This group is the top driver from all over Japan, who have been raised to for racing since young age. Nearly everyone has done several seasons of go-karts followed by a few seasons of formula cars. The age of the drivers is between 17 and 24.

Nissan, Toyota, and Honda are extremely serious about the series and are spending an incredible amount of money to develop the next Formula One Champion out of Japan.