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2010 Super GT GT300 with Team Taisan Porsche 911 GT3R

The 2010 season is here!
2010 Super GT pit-walk

Taisan Posche 911 GT3R / Igor Sushko

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This year I am with the legendary Team Taisan is Super GT GT300. Since the inception of the series in 1994, Taisan has taken more championships than any other team in history, having even fielded cars like Porsche 962 and Ferrari F40.

This year's car is Taisan Porsche 911 GT3R - arguably the most sophisticated and advanced 911 in the world.
Although the team finished 11th in points last year, we're hoping to deliver at least one win this year.
The field is very deep this year with strong competition. Over the first two races of the season, the time margins in qualifying have been even tighter than in recent years. Nissan Z is strong, of course last year's champion Bandoh Lexus IS is up there, Jim Gainer Ferrari is quick. The Lamborghini Gallardo team seems to have figured out their mechanical troubles of years past. Toyota Corrola Axio, in its 2nd year of competition, appears to have figured out the setup quirks to go consistently fast. The Vemac 408R is absurdly fast but has had some mechanical problems the first two races, but it is a car to watch for. The drivers field is full of former GT500 aces and Formula Nippon/F3000 and IRL veterans.

Some of the car types in GT300 -

Taisan Porsche 911 GT3R (yours truly)
Taisan Posche 911 GT3R / Igor Sushko
Lexus IS350 (driven by Manabu Orido - my good friend and mentor, last year's champion)
Super GT GT300
Mazda RX7 (driven by Nobuteru Taniguchi)
Super GT GT300
Lamborghini Gallardo
Super GT GT300
Porsche Boxter GT
Super GT GT300
Nissan 350Z
Super GT GT300
Toyota Corolla Axio GT
Super GT GT300
ARTA Garaiya
Super GT GT300
Porsche 911 GT3RSR
Super GT GT300
Vemac RD408R
Super GT GT300
Shiden (Daytona Prototype-based)
Super GT GT300
Subaru Legacy
Super GT GT300
Aston Martin Vantage GT2
Super GT GT300
Ferrari F430
Super GT GT300

To contrast, there are 3 car types in GT500 - Nissan GT-R, Honda HSV, and Lexus SC
Nissan GT-R
Super GT GT500 Nissan GT-R
Lexus SC
Super GT GT500 Lexus SC
Honda HSV
Super GT GT500 Honda HSV

Suzuka Circuit
Suzuka Circuit

The first race was in Suzuka, where we finished 11th, just shy of points, and just recently we raced in Okayama. Both races have been exciting from the spectators' point of view with hot battles and incredible crashes, but we're still a little short on getting the setup right, with both drivers racing with this team for the first time. Although this car is a Porsche 911 by name, many similarities end there. The car has been developed by Taisan from the ground up in 2008, with heavy focus on aerodynamics and complete overhaul of suspension geometry and weight balance/center of gravity. For this, based on how the Super GT rules are structured and fast cars are 'settled back to earth,' compared to FIA GT-spec Porsche 911s running in the series, our car is handicapped by 100kg (220lbs) in weight and a smaller restrictor on the engine intake (meaning less power).

Check out the qualifying for Rd.1 Suzuka:

I was the starting driver for both of the races and we made up lots of positions in the start of the race in both cases (14th to 7th in Suzuka and 15th to 9th in Okayama), but then the falloff on the grip balance between front and rear progressively got worse (front in Suzuka and rear in Okayama) with an end result of loss of positions. It seems we slightly overcompensated for the problem in Rd.1 and went too far for Rd.2 in the setup direction. The car is so rigid and well built that the slightest change in ride-height - 1mm, changes the balance of the car, but with the experience from these 2 races I think we are in a good position to contest Rd. 3 Fuji next month.

Okayama International Circuit
Okayama International Circuit

My co-driver this year is Masayuki Ueda, a veteran driver from Osaka with over 15 years of racing experience. The last few years he was with a Ferrari team.

This is going to be an exciting year, and we have 6 more points rounds to go and the season finale exhibition will be at Fuji when we race along with Formula Nippon. The fastest GT car race and one of the fastest formula series in the world all in one weekend is sure to a great spectacle!

2010 Super GT Schedule:
Round / Circuit / Date

1 Suzuka Circuit
March 21
Suzuka Circuit

2 Okayama International Circuit
April 4
Okayama International Circuit

3 Fuji Speedway
May 2
Fuji Speedway

4 Sepang International Circuit
June 20
Sepang International Circuit

5 Sportsland SUGO
July 25
Sportsland Sugo

6 Suzuka Circuit
August 22
Suzuka Circuit

7 Fuji Speedway
September 12
Fuji Speedway

8 Twin Ring Motegi
October 24
Twin Ring Motegi

9 Fuji Speedway
November 14

If anyone has a chance to attend the race please let me know!

Super GT - English Website

All photos by Yasuhiro Tetsutani unless otherwise noted.

Check out the photo gallery for more photos of the events here:

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