Thursday, March 10, 2022

BREAKING: Letter of support from an anonymous FSB Colonel to Vladimir Osechkin

BREAKING: At this pace I'll never get to sleep.... just received a new letter from the FSB, sent to Vladimir Osechkin via anonymous email. Unlike the previous 3 translations I've posted, the authenticity of the identity of the sender is unverified.

Email on March 10th, 2022

Vladimir, hello.

I am writing from an anonymous account as I cannot divulge my identity.

I serve as the Deput Head of the FSB in one of the regions. I am a Colonel.

In brief, all information that you have received from your source is absolutely correct – I would’ve made a couple of corrections, but overall it is as is – regarding the motives of the war, regarding the poor awareness of the first person (this I take to mean Putin).

I wish to thank you for your work over many years against tortures in (Russian) prisons, and for speaking the truth about the events in Ukraine. Believe me, many within our system are in shock. We are not perfect, but we still have honor and conscience.

We are in shock. If there is some new information, or maybe something curious, I will be sure to send it to you. Whether to trust me, is your right/decision, but among us are a mass of officers who support your work.

You’re doing good. Shaking your hand. With respect.



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