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Russian trap for Ukrainian military in Kherson to implicate Ukraine in brutal terrorism which will be carried out by Russians disguised as Ukrainian partisans - July 13th Letter from the Wind of Change inside the FSB

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Please listen to this first to understand the background & context of the FSB letters:

🚨🧵URGENT: #Russia has laid a trap for Ukrainian military in #Kherson - to implicate #Ukraine in brutal terrorism which will be carried out by Russians disguised as Ukrainian partisans. Happening right now. Execution(s) anticipated between now and July 15 Moscow time.

My translation of the July 13th #FSBletters from the #WindofChange inside the FSB to @Vlad_Osechkin. Please share far & wide. 
As always, my comments for clarification are in (parenthesis). Wind of Change's parenthesis are in [brackets]: Subject: Preparations for liquidations & provocations “I must ask that you immediately publish this information.

Liquidation of relatives of someone from the (Russian-installed puppet government) leadership is being planned (by Russia) in Kherson. I assume [I do not claim] it concerns Stremousov or one of the people in his inner circle.
(Stremousov is a Ukrainian traitor serving as the deputy head of the Kherson Military-Civilian Administration, appointed by Russia.)

Mechanism: our General Staff specialists approached the Ukrainian military disguised as "Ukrainian partisans.” They offered to orchestrate the liquidation of "those (Ukrainians) involved in the collaboration (with Russia)."

The goal is simple: the Ukrainian side must confirm its involvement in the impending liquidation.
Practical objectives: the plan is to murder a family member, a close person, from the entourage of the Kherson [city or region] leadership as brutally and demonstratively as possible.
Selection according to the standard principle - the victim must be empathically significant: a grandmother, a child, a pregnant woman, etc. We need to urgently secure unequivocal evidence of "Ukrainian terrorism.”

If the Ukrainian side, even someone in the Armed Forces at the middle level, agrees to acknowledge the result before finding out the details, he will effectively become an accomplice. No one will care that the acknowledgement was made out of ignorance.
The details of the murder will be uncovered immediately after the Ukrainian side takes responsibility - then Kiev will have no chance to win back the situation (of moral superiority).

Very simply and briefly I describe the plan in stages: 1) The "Kherson partisans" (disguised Russian agents) offer the Ukrainian side the possibility of eliminating someone from the circle of significant collaborators.

2) If the Ukrainian side agrees and is willing to take responsibility, then (the Russian side will commit) an insanely brutal murder of relative(s) empathically significant to a former Ukrainian citizen, in the leadership of the military administration of Kherson.
(This target) despite the fact that there are many members from Russian counterintelligence there (in leadership positions). But the details are not disclosed.

3) The Ukrainian side makes a public statement that "we will punish the collaborators and persons associated with them, as we did today" - something like that.

4) Video of the brutal murder is published on behalf of the "partisans," (Russian General Staff operatives disguised as Ukrainian partisans), the Russian side makes all the necessary statements, a classic information operation of discrediting begins, and the official involvement of Kiev will be beyond doubt.

5) The international community condemns this, sharply reducing the level of support for Kiev. Russia is faced with the need to "respond to an act of international terrorism."

As I wrote earlier, almost everything is ready for a second offensive, taking into account the mistakes of February 24-27.

Let me explain my position: I am not getting involved in the war on the Ukrainian side against Russia right now, but I am categorically opposed to the pigeonholing of everyone and everything in this war, including our service (FSB) and allied forces.

It has now gone unprecedentedly far, but there is still a chance to stop the slide into pure blatant terrorism.

I am certain the target (of the brutal terrorism) is already identified - they need a result by the 15th. The State Duma will be urgently convened for this story. The 6th and 11th departments (of the FSB) are working 24/7, preparing the special event.

Ukrainians must also be aware that any agreement by them to kill relatives of their traitors is unacceptable. If they are already in contact with this group of "partisans" - let them put the brakes on the possibility of taking responsibility and consider all possible risks.

In a nutshell, why Kherson was chosen: despite the fact that the counterintelligence service is working hard and there is some managerial success by the Russian civilian personnel, they are underperforming.

As for the old cadres, primarily #Stremousov, it is impossible to remove him now - we need motivating examples for the others (Ukrainians to switch sides), and examples are not good right now.

And no one can tolerate this level of managerial stupidity for long. An elementary example: they allocated 10,000 rubles (per person) from the Russian budget to help the local population.

The process of organizing the distribution of funds was assigned to the locals [they will not be able to steal it themselves, they just need to solve a simple organizational problem].
As a result, there is a "decree" that in order to register (to receive 10,000 rubles per person), a representative of a group of at least 10 residents from the selected area must collect documents from all others and stand in line to receive the money.

They must get in line during curfew, at night (which is obviously not allowed) - otherwise there is no chance to get through the line, and the entire queue restarts the next day, so their spots are not saved.

Local population's dissatisfaction is growing at a rapid pace, as not a single minor local issue is being solved by the authorities themselves – they can’t solve anything at all.

In addition, the local population is extremely hostile to Russia, even the notionally passive segment of the population. Fighting the partisans is impossible as long as the can rely on the loyalty and support of the population. The partisans have been a nightmare (for Russia).

That is why a quick and radical one-strike solution to all problems was chosen. But no one wants to see that by such "solutions" we perpetuate a terrorist way of thinking in everyone without exception.

Unfortunately, I'm not (unfairly) demonizing the (Russian security) services, it's just that I no longer harbor any illusions. Respectfully, all the best." (END OF TRANSLATION of the July 7th FSB letter from Wind of Change)

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