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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Chicago HIN and Mid-Ohio Go-Kart racing

Time flies by!

On June 8th, as Sean Morris flew in from Los Angeles to Chicago, I drove in from Lexington, KY. The car was invited to attend the Mac Event held on June 9th at the McDonald's adjacent to Wrigley Field. Afterwards, we showed the GT-R at the McCormick Place on the 11th at Hot Import Nights. The AF GT-R was the "Feature Car from Japan." As with the previous shows, the GT-R received much attention and many gasps, and hundreds of copies of the press releases laid out on the car were snatched apart.

The plan was to test the GT-R at Gingerman on June 15th, but some unfortunate events held up Mike McGray up in Canada. Hopefully we will reschedule the test in the near future.

This development gave Sean and me a few days of leisure around Franksville, WI. We killed time by eating a very good Chinese restauruant, watching movies, and hanging around Fedex Kinko's for internet as Starbucks as our main base of operations. In fact, we spent so much time at the Starbacks, that we received many drinks for free on the house. I recall getting a new 'test' drink not available on the menu - basically 4 shots of espresso on the rocks.

On the afternoon of the 15th, we made our way back to Chicago. Sean flew home to L.A. and I remained in preparations for the WKA Mid-Ohio race weekend. My mentor, Nick Wong, lent me his 2nd go-kart for the event. We arrived on the eve of 16th to Mansfield, OH. Paul Szuba and his father, Slavik, were our companions for the trip. Paul is a national go-kart champion at WKA. He operates an aftermarket shop in Chicago nearby O'Hare - P&L Motorsports.