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Sunday, October 30, 2005

SEMA Show - Las Vegas

Let's back track a bit -

We tested the car at Gingerman in Michigan where all went according to plan and all of our objectives were reached. Visit the Gingerman GT-R Test Photo gallery

Afterwards, the car came back to Los Angeles with us, and all development is now out of RB Motoring.

Shortly thereafter, we also had an opportunity to test the car at Buttonwillow Raceway a few hours North of Los Angeles to prepare for the Super Street Magazine Time Attack on November 8th.

Over the past months, we have been continuously working on preparing the car for next year's World Challenge debut.

Just a few days ago, the team acquired a 75ft long race rig with stacker trailer with inside lift and room for 3 cars. This is a handy addition as we are anticipating arrival of an identical spare car from Tokyo, Japan in a few months.

Right now, we are but a few hours away from departing for Las Vegas to show the car at SEMA; our booth number is 20529 in the Performance and Racing section.

From there, we will attend the Redline Time Attack in Pahrump, Nevada, and then the Super Street Time Attack only 2 days later.

Everyone at the team is excited at the pace of progress and we hope to maintain this momentum through the Winter and next year - the first time that a Nissan Skyline GT-R will compete in a professional road racing series in North America!

Using our racing effort as a springboard, we have launched a new website: check out GT-R Nation - our new community for GT-R owners around the world.