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All #FSBletters translated as of August 14th, 2022 - Chronological Order - Look Inside

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Sunday, August 14, 2022

On the torture and murder of the Ukrainian POW, degeneration of Russian society & army - July 29th Letter from the Wind of Change inside the FSB

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Please listen to this first to understand the background & context of the FSB letters:

🧵Translation of the July 29th #FSBletters from the #WindofChange inside the FSB to @Vlad_Osechkin
Subjects: Castration and subsequent assassination of the Ukrainian POW, dehumanization of Ukrainians, degeneration of Russian society and the Russian army. (War criminal pictured)

As always, my comments for clarification are in (parenthesis). Wind of Change's parenthesis are in [brackets].

“Concerning the torture of the Ukrainian soldier POW (in reference to the castration of the prison-of-war, captured on video): there is strong division in the Service (FSB) – a portion (of us) is unwilling to accept this, we are insisting on the fact that if the guilty (the torturer) is not punished, that it’d be a total shitstorm. But a very serious contingent (of the FSB) will support the torture conveyor belt - the stage of insanity has been completed.

The unofficial excuse for these bastards is that the POW "insulted" them (the torturers who committed the castration) by calling them pedophiles for having sex with children [I can't assert rape, but it reeks of it].

On the whole, torture has reached a new level. Beside other reasons – a motivated “Russian Army” no longer exists, which would be based on at least some kind of ideology.

There are a number of PMCs [the #WagnerGroup is the largest, but not the only structure], where the motivation is money and "violence without borders", and there are enough psychopaths and maniacs.

Such people won’t be admitted into the (regular) army, as they won’t even pass the examination of the absolutely loyal blind deaf-mute psychiatrist. But mercenaries – no restrictions.

There are prisoners who differ from even the #PMCs with the worst training. They are promised "amnesty for 6 months of war.”

Let me explain on my fingers: the entire war has been going on for less than 6 months, people cannot mentally endure more than 4 months of intensive war, refuseniks are simply rampant.

No one will allow the prisoners rotation or breaks. They will be put where even the PMCs refuse to crawl into. They will be used as bait, that's all.

The army as a coherent system ceases to exist in these conditions. Ask any smart officer in Afghanistan or Chechnya, where, in principle, mutual atrocities were the norm.

If you lose control of discipline, it's the death of the unit. That's why it always had to be dealt with very severely.

PMCs have a semblance of discipline, but there is no ideology and no restrictions. Criminals have no army discipline, by definition. For the army the PMCs an inherently alien element for which there is no empathy.

In terms of torture and uncontrolled violence, the situation continues to deteriorate rapidly. I don't quite understand how it could even be worse (than it already was), but those in charge of controlling the situation claim exactly that.

All stages of dehumanization progressing at lightning speed. Social strata have formed to whom it is no longer possible to explain, even by using various methods of persuasion, why torture and execution are unacceptable.

This is a colossal stratum of society, including civilians, who thirst for torture, blood, and violence.

The stage of dehumanizing Ukrainians has been completely mastered by our propaganda, but here we find ourselves in a place where the old rules do not exist at all.

If someone gives a "recipe" for the dehumanization of Ukrainians, the same recipe works perfectly with the dehumanization of anyone: a bad boss, a nagging neighbor, a screaming boy in the yard.

Under Fascism, German civilians didn't know about concentration camps and torture conveyor belts; we now dream of them [after your posts, thousands of people threaten to "impale on a spike" and "stab" the unwanted, torture the supposedly "bad" in their perverted sense of "good"].

The (Russian) sociology is a monstrosity, six months ago I was looking at everything too optimistically. We now have a social phenomenon with no analogue in recent times. There is no sense in even discussing the rest given this backdrop.

The (Russian) sociology is a monstrosity, six months ago I was looking at everything too optimistically. We now have a social phenomenon with no analogue in recent times. There is no sense in even discussing the rest given this backdrop.

Overall, you can take any of my forecasts from March, April, May - about artificially created #famine, betting on the #Taiwan conflict, blackmailing the West, the collapse of the economy - everything is too predictable.

We can't pull off a full-scale “#GordianKnot,” but nuclear weapons are being considered as an argument. Who knows if they will fly, and if they do, where to.

But I did not expect such a thirst for unrestrained sadism and violence from society itself. I don't know if there is a cure for this. It's a disaster. Sincerely, all the best.” (END OF TRANSLATION of the July 29th #FSBletters from #WindofChange)